Driving More Leads Through Restructuring Of Campaigns

Barton Family Law

Barton Family Lawyers is a respected Family & Divorce Law Firm with offices in Petrie, Aspley, and Chermside. They are experts in all areas of family law, whether to divide assets, split superannuation, negotiate child custody arrangements, obtain spousal support, negotiate child support, relocate with your child, attend mediation, apply or respond to a protection order application or if you simply need a divorce.

The Problem

Barton Family Lawyers aims for online visibility to get more leads. They were not satisfied with the result of their previous campaign efforts and felt like things could be improved. That’s when we stepped in.

After looking into the account, we’re able to spot areas for improvements. We recreated a new approach for strategy.

What We Did

  • 1
    We focused on restructuring the account, putting more effort into their Brand name and targeting competitor keywords.
  • 2
    We also set up a campaign targeting family lawyer related keywords to highlight their specialties.
  • 3
    Then we made a detailed list of what we wanted to promote in our campaigns and began working on the ads.

The Results

 Increase In Leads
 Cost Per Lead
Increase in Conversion Rate

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