Doubling Website Conversion Rates Through Paid Search Traffic

Fresh Start Mediation

Fresh Start Mediation provides people and organisations in conflict with the best opportunity to resolve the disputes between them.

Having a broad experience working across the law, business and education sectors, they offer a personalised, practical and cost-effective opportunity for parties in conflict to resolve the issues.

The Problem

Fresh Start Mediation aims to get more leads on their website through paid search traffic efforts.
Organic and direct traffic is pouring in on the website.

However, they want to increase their site enquiries by venturing out into Google Ads. 

What We Did

  • 1
    We started with analysing the nature of their business, their markets, and any aspects we could highlight.
  • 2
    After that, we created a strategy proposal for search campaigns to target people who might be/are looking for their services.
  • 3
    We started a bit tight, using mostly high-intent keywords, until we slowly loosen with the goal of reaching wider audiences.

The Results

Paid Search Traffic
Increase in Conversion Rate

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