Empowering Campaigns For Long Term Success


GRRRL is a brand new type of clothing company. They offer clothes in all kinds of different shapes and packages. GRRRL believes in women empowerment.

To make their brand worth remembering, they want to deliver smarter and appealing ads as they scale and expand globally.

The Problem

GRRRL needed help with their digital transformation journey, specifically with achieving brand awareness, brand recognition, and boost sales.

Cristal Marketing enabled them by creating new and fresh campaigns strategies for long term growth and success of the brand.

What We Did

  • 1
    Video campaign. This type of campaign helps to reach and engage users on YouTube and across media channels. Advertising the client’s products using videos can build brand awareness for the client as well as drive traffic to the website. 
  • 2
    Discovery Ads. This campaign is similar to Video campaigns but the advantage is we can target new customers by sharing visually rich, inspiring brand creative across feeds on Google properties.

The Results

 Increase In Users

Crystal Marketing increased the number of visitors to the site by +380% in just two months.

 Increase in Transactions

As a result, the number of transactions increased by +86.45%.

 Decrease in Bounce rate

Not only that, but we were able to reduce the bounce rate by -98.51%

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