How We Doubled The Revenue For A Retail Soap Company

Naples Soap Company

Naples Soap Co. is an ecommerce business that sells natural and organic products. Their retail and e-commerce operations have grown, and their wholesale operations are rapidly expanding throughout the United States.

The company's primary goal is to increase website traffic and sales

The Problem

They were previously focusing on search campaigns, which provided adequate traffic but resulted in fewer transactions on their website. Little did they know that there were ways to increase their sales.

After analyzing the market, we accepted the challenge of strengthening the company's performance.

What We Did

  • 1
    We began by determining which ad groups/campaigns were under performing.
  • 2
    We then introduced shopping campaigns, a type of campaign that promotes your products
  • 3
    We've also added Remarketing Ads to target people who visited the website but did not complete any transactions.

The Results

 Increase In Traffic

In just two months, we were able to increase site traffic by +317.98%

 Increase in Transactions

As a result, the website's transactions also increased by +240%, doubling the revenue

 Increase in Revenue

The Remarketing Campaign started generating sales attributing to 11.55% of the total revenue.

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