Celebrating an Increase in Revenue and ROI


Riedel is the brand of choice for wine connoisseurs and drink specialists, hospitality professionals and consumers globally.

Riedel is known for the creation and development of varietal-specific stemware. Innovative and ever-evolving, Riedel continues to lead the charge on modern, functional glassware.

The Problem

Riedel’s traffic and sales are primarily driven by the organic search media channel. They had tried running Google Ads, but they weren’t happy with the results they got.

Riedel needed help with their Google Advertising transformation journey, specifically in increasing sales and return on advertising spend.

What We Did

  • 1
    Campaign structure that focuses on Geo-targeting 
  • 2
    Dominated the search results for each specific location
  • 3
    Extensive keyword research to reduce spend 

The Results

Increase In Revenue

In just three months, these strategic efforts  have attracted a large number of consumers and boosted  the revenue by a whopping +50%.

 Return on Ad Spend

The Return On Ad Spend is 5 to 1, which is continuously increasing up to date.

 Decrease in Ad spend

We were also able to increase the transactions by 105%, while decreasing the spend by -10.41%.

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